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By buffybrown, Jun 29 2017 10:13AM

I love a silly sissy girl and have quite a few “ special girls” weather its humiliation, degredation or pure need to feel like your inner girl needs to escape. Miss Brown can give you the time and space to enjoy those frills.

Tiffany Smalltinckle

Dirty Girty

Dolly Daydream

Alisha arsehole


Suzy Strapon

Fat bastard baby

Daisy dooDah

Who will you become ?

If you wish to see me email me on

Call: 07958138866

Miss Brown

By buffybrown, Mar 20 2017 02:45PM

Bitches UnleaSHEd was a huge sucess and full to capacity , A traditional Femdomme environment where play is encouraged and obedience insisted upon.

If you wish to see myself and Miss Kitty we shall be in London on 30th and 31st March to tease and torture all you London boys and visiting the delicious Hoxton Dungeon Suite.

please email to book