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By buffybrown, Jan 7 2018 01:45PM

I am sorry I have been very quiet but there seems to be an influx of babies !!!!

Have you seen my ABDL website ? Big Baby it covers aspects of regressive sessions, you are taken back to a time where all your cares in the world were gone. It was Mummy or Nanny who made decisions for you, fed you, cuddled you and dressed you. Did you dream of being a frilly girl rather than a boy? Most of my little ones change gender and become the ” princess” they deserve to be. Is this you ?

Or maybe it’s just the pure humiliation of being forced to wear girls clothes and made to wear a nappy and suck some ” special lollipops” and of course drink Mommy’s Apple Juice, still warm.

07958138866 to book.

I require an email or fill the form in Here to come to the nursery

Miss B or Momma Bea you choose

Sep 7 2018 06:11PM by Jojo

I'm from America I see and feel that you can change a good diaper I hope to wet myself in front of you someday that's a big dream of jojo

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