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Welcome to all my current admirers and my new ones

By buffybrown, Aug 18 2020 07:45AM

Good Morning to my Sissys,Babies, ABDLs and Diaper lovers,

It’s been such a long time since I sat down and wrote a blog. So, I thought I would write one now and let you all know Momma is very well, even given the strange state of the world right now. I hope you’re all coping and you haven’t suffered too much separation anxiety?

The reason I am not on here too often is due to Twitter being so instant and interactive @BBMommaBea. I remember the days of blog writing when I would write a daily blog an have stories and accounts of experiences written by my fans.

So, if you are reading this send me an email and I can make an effort to continue to write blogs.

I AM NOW TAKING BOOKINGS email [email protected]

So, what would you like to do? I have wardrobes full of ABDL clothing, reams of sissy clotings, boots, wigs, makeup. We now have a comfy bed with four posts to tie my “damsels in distress” to.

The full-sized cot and highchair will make the biggest of babies, feel little and vulnerable.

I offer distanced care giving if you can’t get to see me. WhatsApp, email, text and skype. You can choose x

I also read out stories and can send a voice recoding if you need help sleeping?

Miss you all

Momma Bea

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