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By buffybrown, Aug 17 2017 11:11AM

London sessions are:

£170 per hour 1-2-1

£300 double session.

I offer CP parties, in which all the boys will be dealt with one at a time, in front of each other and by myself and Miss Kitty.

This is 90 mins/ 120 mins and £150 per person.

Manchester and London Mistress Buffy Brown

By buffybrown, Aug 17 2017 11:06AM

Baby G came to see mommy today and she was absolutely adorable!

what a beautiful girl. She pee peed her nappy and even went on the potty afterwards. I am so happy that she mastered her potty!

after lots of cuddle time and a story it was time for baby G to change into her party dress, o my she was a vision of beauty and I get so excited to see my princesses jump up and down with joy. i adore watching the 4 petticoats bouncing undr the pinkk satin frills.

Baby G or Gabby had to have an anall inspection and she didnnt moan too much but when mommy got her vibrating tool out. she moaned alot!! o my squirty pee pee arrived and Gabby smiled!

Momma Bea

By buffybrown, Aug 9 2017 04:00AM

If you are a naughty school girl you will be taken from the nursery to the school room, where you will be spanked untill you can behave yourself.

ASK Suzanne !

Momma Bea

By buffybrown, Aug 8 2017 04:10PM

For all my lovely sissy girls and ABDL, I am touring to London and Glasgow and can provide you with all the frills and makeup you drempt about. I will be bringing my bottles and nappies and I can bathe my babies and cuddle them in mommys big bed till you fall asleep.

email to inquire about spaces and request a special outfit to wear.

Momma Bea

By buffybrown, Aug 7 2017 11:04AM

A journey of exploration with Mummy Mistress Brown

I sat down to write a blog entry about another amazing experience with my incredible Mistress. It was an amazing session with me as the shameless slut. It involved skimpy underwear, spanking, humiliation, dildos and a very sore bottom. I am sure you get the general idea........

However writing the report made me realise of the journey I have been on with my amazing Mistress these past 5 years and the incredible experiences we have had together. The very first time I met Mistress Brown I nervously asked for an over the knee spanking - little realising the road I was about to embark on. Since then I have experienced, amongst other things, crossdressing, anal play, fetish clubs, (very) public humiliation - oh and being pimped out at a gay sauna.......Happy days!

This is the most amazing thing about Mistress Brown. It is not simply about the incredible mind-blowing sessions - it is about the journey. A journey of love, devotion, servitude, respect and friendship. Not to mention meeting amazing likeminded people I am proud to call friends. Mistress has an amazing ability to know what is best for me - even if I don't know it myself and it is for that reason I want to tell you dear reader about yet another new experience in my journey of devotion.

Despite being a sissy slut - I am Dirty Girty after all - Mistress knows that I crave cuddles and hugs more than anything. It was for this reason that sometimes - when Mistress thinks I am in need of it - I visit Mummy Mistress in the nursery and we experience age play and abdl.

This is something that I had never really thought about previously but it is a testament to the skill of Mummy Mistress that it just feels so right and so special when I am held and cuddled. Sometimes I am fed my bottle or read a story, or even put in a nice snug nappy. I cannot adequately express the warmth, security and love I feel when I am held. Obviously Mummy Mistress is still very strict and I usually end up with a spanked bottom. Things coming full circle I guess.........

I wanted to take the opportunity of this blog to thank my Mummy Mistress for helping me to embrace and be proud of my kinky side.

I would urge anyone to session with Mistress Brown. It will be everything and so much more that you ever dreamed it would be.

Mistress Brown - a Mistress, a Mummy, and a friend - Truly Different Class.