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The Meaning of ABDL


ABDL means "Adult Baby Diaper Lover"


"adult baby diaper lover". A sexual fetish involving adults acting like babies and/or wearing diapers."


ABDL play; sexuality, loss of status or control, and change in role. In scenes that emphasize sexuality, the diapers would be used like other fetish objects or kinky toys. These encounters might not involve roleplay, and might not be formal scenes.


ABDL scenes emphasizing loss of status or control may use diaper humiliations in much the same way crossdressing humiliations would be used. The difference is that instead of masculinity, adulthood is being taken away. Diapers can also be used in other forms of loss, such as usurping the final control of bodily functions. There may be other forms of power exchange as well. There is little difference between an ABDL scene emphasizing loss and a more typical BDSM scene involving diapers.


Finally, there are ABDL scenes that emphasize a change in role. This doesn't involve a sense of loss, but another identity. The ABDL isn't a man deprived of adulthood, but a baby free to be itself. This is analogous to the transvestite who sets his own femininity free, or the sub who's bondage liberates him from responsibility. They may have less status or control, but there is no sense of loss.


An ABDL will generally be seeking a specific emphasis or mix of emphases. Some emphases mix better than others. A scene's emphasis can also change over time.


AB, DL, or Both?


Similar to BDSM, ABDL is a broad group. ABDLs may be adult babies, diaper lovers, or both. "Adult baby" and "diaper lover" are ways to express two endpoints with a blurred gradient in between. Diaper lovers (DLs) generally don't seek a baby headspace. Usually roleplay is absent or secondary with DLs. Adult Babies (ABs) generally roleplay as babies, and may or may not seek a baby-like headspace. ABs can also be DLs at other times, and visa versa.




The terms 'ageplay' and 'ABDL' should not be used interchangeably. ABDL is a type of ageplay, but ageplay also includes other, distinct interests. One of the more visible distinctions is the gender distribution: The majority of ABDLs are men, while ageplayers that choose juvenile or adolescent ages are more likely to be women



 Regressive Therapy sessions 


I would treat my Baby as the age they have choosen , for some its a small infant that can not do anything for themselves, so as a mother or nanny would be responsible for the care an love of the AB , I see to every element of care .


Toddlerism sessions 

Toddlers are typically quite mischievous and naughty and end up getting a spanked botty !! However Momma Bea will still dress ,bathe and ensure her toddler is well looked after .


DL sessions  are quite different and often don't involve any age play but just wearing nappies or diapers and plastic pants. Plastic fetish is another facet of ABDL and can either be expressed solely or incorporated within your choosen session type.


A Bespoke Session


This type of session tends to be more popular , in that, my babies will choose what elements they wish to be incorporated in to their time with me , often there can be strong elements of humiliation involved . Being called ' A big Baby' can evoke the most hummiliating of feelings.