Momma Bea's-Big Baby's Playroom & Sissy Boudoir 07958138866

Manchester  "Momma Bea"

Welcomes all adult babys, diaperwearers and sissy's"


Momma Bea

Hello my name is Bea, you can call me Momma Bea.


I have wondered for a long time why I like to nurture and cuddle those around me.  I have wondered why it gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction to have my adult baby boys and girls in my arms, drifting off to lulabyes.

The answer is quite simple I am naturally maternal. However, if my baby decides to misbehave, over my knee you go for a sound spanking or corner time.


Would you prefer me to be your nanny ?

Nanny is very strict and takes no nonesense from her infants.


Would you prefer baby sitter ?

The baby sitter has a tendancy to let her adult Babbies get away with murder, but equally she will leave them locked in their cot for hours and ignore them.


Mummy will nurture and love you

When you enter the nursery all adulthood is left behind and regression will begin.  Once I  have dressed you and powdered you, we can play or cuddle ? or your time with momma Bea can take an intirely different twist and momma can fasten you to your high chair feed you all manner of treats or nasties.  My very special apple juice is very popular.