Momma Bea's-Big Baby's Playroom & Sissy Boudoir 07958138866

Manchester  "Momma Bea"

Welcomes all adult babys, diaperwearers and sissy's"


Playroom /Nursery

The Nursery has the following items:

A full sized cot with a single matress , drop down sides and a mobile to keep you entertained

A full sized high chair ,with lockable tray .

A changing table .

A naughty step.

Big boxes of toys and books .

Nappies, talc,cream ect

Bottles, dummies, bowls and spoons .

A full range of frilly dresses and romper suits with all accesories.

Slippers and plimsoles for naughty boys and girls.





Services offered

  • Full range of frilly dresses ,Bonnets ,knickers,romper suits

  • playtime - toys for all genres of play

  • Feeding -yogurts and jellies

  • bathing

  • reading stories

  • cuddles

  • nappy changes -pee pee only

  • corneer time

  • spanks and chastisement

  • colouring in and art

  • sleep time in a big cot

  • bottle feeds

  • baby massage

  • tickles

  • anal and penile inspection

  • baby talk

  • Humiliation 






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